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The Void

  • Due to unforseen circumstances I regretfully inform you guys that release of The Void is being pushed back until the Fall. I'd like to apologise to my fans/supporters for the wait but my management and I want to make this the best experience possible for you and now is not the time. Stay tuned for some more info in the near future.

"Elephant in the Room Presents: AEli - The Void… AUG 25TH…And FuckTheOpposition nigga !"

J.Hurt (via whotfisjhurt)



11 days until #thevoid “Going Crazy”

This song though. Loving the reminiscing over wine tape.

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Me in the studio with Katori Walker working


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Anonymous asked:
What exactly is ur job?as an artist

To make art   -___-

EiTR cypher, best upcoming in Cali

lustandpixiedustt asked:
You're extremely talented

Appreciate that, thanks for showing love. Look out for my project “The Void” on August 25th!

New J.Hurt feat. AEli #Regression #thevoid

noyoudoit asked:
I really dig your newest track. Keep doing what you're doing, man. I've been following your music for a while now and i think you're quite talented. Your sound is refreshingly unique and so easy to vibe to. Know you are much appreciated. Bless.

Apreciate that bro! Spread the music, don’t let good music go unheard

Audio: AEli - Even On E (Prod. Equal Status)


Official single for AEli’s upcoming free album “The Void" August 25th




I’m secretly in love with 😘 aeliprod , his voice and his music (new favorite song: Even on E) 😍👏💕

"Even on E" first official single from the void, drops tomorrow 7/29/14

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