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I am an artist from Los Angeles (AEli), I produce, engineer, sing, write songs, and sometimes rap. One of the Co-founders, along with J.Hurt, of a group of artists Elephant in the Room. If somebody was to ask me what type of artist I am, I would'nt have known what to tell them, so I've created my own genre and called It "Pulphead". Somebody told me it sounded like a mixture of rnb, hip hop, soul, jazz, alternative rock, and techno with a mesmerizing feel to it. A Pulphead artist is an artist that you can't put a label on, hence the man with the bag over his head. You are unable to identify the person, but you can identify the emotion the person is portraying. Just like a Pulphead artist, he can make hip hop, rock, pop, whatever he/she feels. You can't label the artist only the emotion the artist is portraying.

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Dec 15 '13

shit im wit the homies.. quotableaudio x aeliprod

AZ Trip


shit im wit the homies.. quotableaudio x aeliprod

AZ Trip

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Dec 13 '13

siki89 asked:

really love your mixtape. I put it on repeat when i'm writing. so much inspiration to be drawn from it. so yeah thanks for that.

Appreciate it! Spread it around

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Dec 12 '13

godtothesebasichoes asked:

Where are you from ?

Los Angeles 

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Dec 11 '13


Interview with AELi

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Dec 6 '13
AEli - Love, Soul, and Mirrors (Prod. Dailon x Jables) (Love, Soul, and Mirrors)


Can’t express these feelings in conversation
So I made this for you, for you

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Dec 6 '13


"Burn" Katori Walker (Featuring AEli & Tricia Davis)

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Dec 5 '13
AEli - California What's up (Prod. STB) (Reminiscing With Wine)


AEli- California What’s Up (Reminiscing With Wine) http://www.datpiff.com/AEli-Reminiscing-With-Wine-mixtape.370533.html

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Dec 5 '13
AEli - Bottom of the Food Chain (Prod. AEli) (Reminiscing With Wine)


AEli | Bottom of the Food Chain 

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Dec 5 '13
AEli - Reminiscing With Wine (Prod. STB) (Reminiscing With Wine)


Reminiscing with wine, god damn I’m dreaming again, wake up
There’s a storm outside, gloomy days got me thinking again, wake up
Reminiscing with wine, past times got me drinking again, wake up
All the pain inside, got my mind blacking out again, wake up!!!

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Nov 28 '13
AEli - Millionaire Feat. Katori Walker and J.Hurt (Prod. AEli) (Reminiscing With Wine)


if I had a dollar
If I count it up right, for every time you shot me down
Wouldn’t be a thing I couldn’t buy

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Nov 9 '13


Amazing! go check out the rest of this guy’s mixtape on soundcloud!

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Nov 6 '13

youcantholdontowater asked:

Hi!! You definitely make good music!! I absolutely love "Millionaire" and "Thinking too much"

Appreciate it bro, thank you spread it around!

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Nov 6 '13

sallop asked:

Hi, Thanks :) I am so obsessed with your mixtape, I legit cant stop listening to it. You're kinda amazing. hahaha

lol thank you appreciate it, spread it around

Sep 20 '13

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Aug 8 '13
😱😎 @k_sozay

😱😎 @k_sozay

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