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"Even on E" first official single from the void, drops tomorrow 7/29/14


#Regression is the upcoming tape from SoCal rapper and Elephant in the Room artist J.Hurt . This video is somewhat a public service announcement to put people on notice that the project will be released very soon. Follow on Twitter @WhoTFisJHurt. Check out the first single from #Regression “I Promise” here —- https://soundcloud.com/whotfisjhurt/j…

Follow J.Hurt on Twitter @WhoTFisJHurt

Tumblr: tumblr.com/whotfisjhurt

Shout out to the talented photographer/videographer Andy Salinas for putting together the video.

Check out the latest single from EITR artists Katori Walker featuring J.Hurt off his upcoming mixtape #Cloud90 — https://soundcloud.com/katoriwalker/d…

Be sure to check out the rest of EITR: Casual Jamar, Kiwan, Ouja Marek, Faith James, Prestige, AEli, and so forth. Get with the movement !

Regression coming soon! New j.hurt #EiTR

DLike Ft. J.Hurt (Prod. TreySizzle) by Katori Walker on SoundCloud

That new #EiTR



Me in the studio with Katori Walker working


"Expression, through sound, in melodic fashion, yea.
Sounds heavenly don’t it? It’s beautiful ain’t it?
And it’s kind of like you."

AEli, MC (via dailyquotedwords)
lodaly asked:
Definitely going to dl your tape. Your music is amazing. Keep up the work! 😊

Appreciate it! Thank you

notorious-roz asked:
I like your blog too man. I was listening to your music and it's good. I really like your beats. I've never actually recorded my music and I was wondering what you use or recommend to record with because I was hoping to record something soon.

Thank you! I use protools 10 and a Neumann TLM 103 Microphone but I recommend the BLUE Bluebird Cardioid Studio Condenser Microphone for beginners. But make sure u check out my free tapes! here are the links http://www.datpiff.com/AEli-Reminiscing-With-Wine-mixtape.370533.html and http://www.mediafire.com/?ww93wwn25n1d0gm

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