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I am an artist from Los Angeles (AEli), I produce, engineer, sing, write songs, and sometimes rap. If somebody were to ask me what type of artist I am, I would'nt have known what to tell them, so I've created my own genre and called It "Pulphead". Somebody told me it sounded like a mixture of rnb, hip hop, soul, jazz, alternative rock, and techno with a mesmerizing feel to it. A Pulphead artist is an artist that you can't put a label on, hence the man with the bag over his head. You are unable to identify the person, but you can identify the emotion the person is portraying. Just like a Pulphead artist, he can make hip hop, rock, pop, whatever he/she feels. You can't label the artist only the emotion the artist is portraying.

May 2 '12

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