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AEli- Faith in my Love (Lyric Video)

cool ass vibe. guaranteed to love it. peep


Some dope shit from AEli.

(Source: aeliprod / AEli)

AEli- Faith in my Love (Lyric Video)

That new EiTR shit, J.Hurt official “Edgy” video

That NEW EiTR shit, check it out Katori Walker feat. J.Hurt “On Fire”

AEli- Falling (Prod. DAILON) THE VOID JUNE 30

At the airliner “bottom of the food chain”

That new heat! #EiTR

Cover art for my “Love, Soul, and Mirrors” EP dropping today!!!

Me, J. Hurt and the rest of the EITR team are going to be performing on friday August 10th at the airliner in Los Angeles, MAKE SURE YOU COME SEE US!!!


New Promo Video For “Reminiscing With Wine”

(via katoriwalker)


So the official date for my upcoming mixtape “Reminiscing With Wine” is July 7, You’ll be hearing alot more about it soon

Reminiscing With Wine, July 7


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